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April 18, 2012
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Planet Theseus by ILJackson Planet Theseus by ILJackson
Theseus is a failed world located in the depths of the Free Colonies. Once thought to be rich in mining resources and hydrocarbon fuels, humans settled the planet only to find out that many of the resources which should have been there were mined out eons ago by a long-dead civilization. Unfortunately, their process for removing resources from the planet were non-traditional, making it appear as though the planet had been untouched until it was too late. Now it is a scrapyard, the colonists left behind in economic ruins as the corporations pulled out their funding and backing. Life barely holds on here, and it is thought that a meteor strike in the northern hemisphere prevented the planet from becoming a garden world much earlier in its history. It is littered with fossils of creatures that seem to have covered the globe in its prehistory, but only a few hearty plant species and dinosaur-like creatures are native to the planet now. The planet has no industry to speak of, only one space port and major city and very little to export and no money to import.
This has made it a haven for the lawless, with several "shadowports" -- illegal and unlicensed space ports -- rumored to be stationed across the globe, typically serving pirates. Certainly, pirate activity is very bad around Theseus, making the planet's economic future even more bleak.
The population now consists mainly of the destitute, the degenerate, prospectors, scavengers and pirates. Recent finds of uranium look promising, and a few miners claim to have struck it rich, but most people decided long ago not to bet their money on Theseus, so it will be a long time before money and corporate interests return.
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