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Capital Ship Bridge 3 by ILJackson Capital Ship Bridge 3 by ILJackson
The third and final image of this series, here you are looking across the bridge at the aft port side.
In the middle is the Command Station, where the Captain or OOD (Officer On Duty) sits. Terran Protectorate Stellar Navy commanding officers are "working officers" when they are on the bridge. They don't just sit there and look cool and bark orders, they have rudimentary access to ships systems, crew rouster information, secured channels and security protocols, as well as the ship's computer, log files, special mission control data, etc.
In the rear of the room is what's known as the "map table." Long-range navigation and flight control, FTL system control, sensor information and tactical data are available here. During battle, this table compiles all essential data to give the Captain, First Officer and the ship's Wing Commander (if it has fighters) a complete view of the theater of operations. While most cap ships serving as flag ships will have a second "Admiral's bridge" for fleet coordination on another deck, this provides much of that information to the bridge officers.
The table is also used as a strategy planning station as well, able to store massive amounts of data, and provides real-time communication with any vessel under the ship's command.
Instead of having to talk to every ship in the fleet, or every fighter currently deployed, an officer can just touch an icon on the table and point the ship where they want it to go. So, if you're a pilot of a fighter, and they want your squadron to defend a nearby transport or investigate an asteroid field, someone touches the table and plots your course and you instantly see the requested course change on your HUD.

Just like the sensor and tactical stations are close together for a reason, this table is placed directly behind the communication station and the command station for optimal bridge crew coordination.
xxVectorZeroxx Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i love your entire bridge set.
Blades-123 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great set of views, these really do render beautifully. :)
restif Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks really excellent!
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